Brams Paris

Fashion, workwear & style.

About Brams Paris

Brams Parisis a very active fashion company which is part of HVEG Fahion Group. HVEG unites years of experience and expertise of a number of renowned textile companies.

Brams Paris distinguishes itself by their Never Out of Stock assortment, the perfect fits and a competitive price/quality ratio. 

With over 1000 point of sale, Brams Paris has a solid market position in the low/medium price segment for women and men fashion and work wear. In addition to the basic product range, the company also offers a "flash" collection several times a year. 

Mission & Vision

We strongly believe in a partnership and this is what we practice daily. This is shown not only from our commitment to customers and suppliers, but also from the constant quality of our products. We consider our customers as well as our suppliers as partners acting in one commercial chain having one common goal: the development, production and sale of successful collections which can be delivered constantly on a Never Out of Stock base. It is therefore that we are able to supply to 1000 points of sale in the Benelux and Germany. Being permanently present on all crucial trade- and production locations through a network of own foreign offices we are able to maintain our high service level. This presence gives us the possibility to control and monitor the total flow of purchase, sourcing, production, quality control and logistics on the spot. 

This structure also allows us to integrate new trends and demands from the market directly into running basic collections. With no doubt we can keep our promise to deliver the right quality for the right price. Now and in future.


Everything we do centers on the convenience and returns of our clients. Our services therefore meet strict requirements in the areas of product development, design, purchase, production and logistics – the spearheads of our organization. To meet our customers' requirements we have set up our business operations on the basis of professional and advanced IT in such a way that we can successfully offer a complete range of services. 

But even more important are the people behind the services: our own people and our business partners. Together they form our main capital. Their dedication, professionalism and experience determine our success and facilitate our company's healthy growth. It will go without saying that we act in conformity with the current standards of corporate social responsibility and our own code of conduct. 

Our success can be attributed directly to our dynamic approach, in which we closely monitor progress at all stages of production. Specialization and partnership within our overall business chain improve efficiency. Our network of own offices makes it possible for us to lead the entire process from design to ready made product over fewer stopping points. This is an approach from which our clients directly benefit.

History - a rich tradition

Brams Paris was founded in 1975 and quickly became a successful brand because of their popular jeans styles and good resale’s.   

Over the years, Brams Paris has evolved in a strong brand within the low/medium segment.

Nowadays Brams Paris operates under the wings of HVEG Fashion Group, who has taken over the brand in November of 2013. The strategy and vision of HVEG guarantee the future of Brams Paris.