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Brams Paris takes responsibility for all activities carried out in its name worldwide. That is especially true for decent working conditions for the people involved in the production of our collections. We are against child labor, of course. Who isn’t? Our opinion is that children should be able to learn, play and enjoy.

Our own code of conducts, which all of our suppliers which we are in business with should live up to, describes next to the prohibition of child labor also criteria of exploitation of individuals or groups; no forced labor; active health care; safety; acceptable working hours; honest wages; secondary benefits; prohibition of forbidden fabrics.

Since October 2011 Brams Paris is, as part of the HVEG Fashion group, participant in the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) to actively take part in the improvement of working conditions in our Supply Chain. The BSCI is founded by the Foreign Trade Association, Europe’s leading business association that promotes the values of international trade and sustainable supply chains. Over a thousand companies participate in the BSCI with the goal to improve the working conditions in the supply chain in, among others, the textile industry.

In 2013 the initiative Accord on Building and Fire Safety in Bangladesh was signed. “The Accord” is created by several worldwide organizations (including trade unions), several branded companies and retailers. Their shared goal is to improve working conditions for workers, in garment factories, in the field of fire safety, electricity, and building structure. Brams Paris is from the start, as part of the HVEG group, signee of the Accord. Together with many other fashion companies worldwide we make sure, by signing this Accord, that garment factories which we work with are inspected on the safety of building constructions, fire and electricity. This includes recommendations which are to be implemented to make the buildings safer.

Local CSR officers, which are employed by us, make sure that factories are guided in their improvement trajectories and that factories are audited in time to the norms of BSCI. We do this in order to contribute in the continues performance improvement of our suppliers.

Besides our participation in initiatives like the BSCI and the Accord, we also visit our supplies constantly to make sure our partners are all aligned. This involvement and commitment to these leading initiatives in the area of code of conduct and safety is to make a difference in the garment industry. We strife to an honest, transparent and responsible product which is allowed to carry the name: Brams Paris. 

For more information on the BSCI or the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh: